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Evelyn Kaplan was born in Philadelphia, PA and received her BA in Social Welfare from Temple University. After a fulfilling career as a mother, homemaker and teacher, Evelyn took courses at the New York School of Interior Design. Her passion for collecting treasures of the past combined with a love for beautiful china, tile and porcelain inspired her towards the art form of Pique Assisette. Enthralled with this art style, she sought a private mosaic teacher and was soon taking lessons from Connie Sheerin, a well known local artist. Evelyn started Inspirations in Mosaic in 1998 after receiving enthusiastic response to her art. Today she remains intrigued by Pique Assisette. Evelyn utilizes her sense of design, her eye for color and her passion for old treasures and antiquities to create pieces of exquisite beauty and design.



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